Friday, January 6, 2012


So I recently heard about this Chinese woman who, last Christmas eve, dressed in black tights, a cap and a blue mask giving to the homeless of Beijing. She was seen giving food, supplies and even money to those in need. As great as these deeds are I'm just a little torn on her motives because there is this:

Last Christmas Eve in Beijing a masked woman was spotted by many to be roaming the streets giving food, supplies and even money to the less fortunate. Wearing low-cut black tights and a blue mask, this vigilante calls herself "Redbud Woman."   The appearance of this mysterious woman did cause a stir of sorts among the residents of Beijing. People started talking about her on the internet and in local media. Pictures of her acts of kindness at public places such as the Xidan subway station and in front of the Wangfujing bookstore have been making the rounds ever since the night of Christmas Eve. The super-lady herself communicates with the world through a microblog, written in Chinese. She currently has over 7,000 fans online. Where will this caped crusader strike next? Sources close to me have implied that it could potentially be in my bedroom. Which happens to have a heating blanket and TWO memory foam pillows......stay tuned.


but then also these:


chinese superhero redbud woman 7 A Chinese female superhero feeds the needy? Who is this masked crusader? (9 Photos)

Good was done none-the-less and don't get me wrong this is AWESOME!! Awesome in the fighting for good in a bad-ass outfit way, as well as the actually helping those in need way. But this attention v.s. doing good question is not just on "The Redbud Woman." (And for a little more on her story I'll add a link at the bottom. Yes the bottom so at least finish reading this before you check out the hot chick...guys.)

Anywho, back on topic. What is the vigilante thing all about? Well, lets start the obvious and in my opinion the best, Batman.

that or this one:

not so much this one

But never mind that, that's a whole different chat. My point is everyone knows Batman and what he is really all about. Avenging his parents and doing what needs to be done to keep Gotham City safe. It's obvious Batman isn't out looking for the attention of the media. His bad-ass getup is meant for blending into shadow and scaring the shit out of  evil doers. But no one else is Batman, so why have the elaborate outfit? In the real world they doesn't exactly strike fear in criminals hearts like they were meant to.

 Think if you littered and some guy in shiny tights jumped out and in a scratchy deep tone told you the dangers of liter and how he can't allow you to take another step until you right your wrong doing. You would laugh in his face.

or give him super powers and a PBS series

Even if it was a serious crime and lives were threatened. if any kind of weapon was involved. If he's lucky he'd have sometime where the criminal is confused as hell as to why some guy is tights is actually standing there trying to stop him. Then, our hero land himself in either the ER or the morgue.

So maybe its unfair to think our said hero doesn't know what he's doing. Maybe he or she has thought this out. They have a black belt, knows how to get control of the criminals weapon, and can fire a gun or at least wear a bullet proof vest. Now I don't personally know any cops but I know they are trained to do two of those listed above. Be a police officer. If our hero wants to fight crime and actually last long enough to do good, lose the cap and get a badge.

but for the sake of the convo the police are corrupt and the law is letting the bad guys go. Where's the JUSTICE!!

Well, if you want justice to be done while your sporting tights lets try a different angle. How about Redbud Woman's angle? I think the only safe AND semi-effective way to do good in a hero's suit is to help the needy.

Feed the hungry in Captain A's Awesome mobile! 

But even helping the needy doesn't a costume. As awesome as costumes are it shouldn't take that much attention to get someone to do a good deed. It just takes away from that persons awesomeness. The good deed is still great and awesome, but suddenly that person is more douchey and more of an attention seeker. If someone wants to do a good deed in public, enough so to get attention, make the deed the main point not YOU.  People will still notice you and your good deed when you are dressed like Joe Blough. Obviously you would get more dressed like Superman but then your less hero and more dweeb.

There is just one last corner of this disguise topic I haven't gotten to yet. Protection. we covered the fear tactic and the attention problem but what about protection? I suppose it was the vigilantes original reason for masks and caps. It was all about vengeance and dueling and the odd clothes were more practical than fashionable. You wanted to be a harder target with more cloth than flesh to shot at and a mask to keep your identity from being used against you later. I guess it just got carried away over the years.

masks just don't disguise like they use to.

"Nah, he just can't rock the look like I do."

"yes, but can you rock the tights?!"

chinese superhero redbud woman 5 A Chinese female superhero feeds the needy? Who is this masked crusader? (9 Photos)
"yes, yes I can."     

Sunday, January 1, 2012

And So It Begins

Alright, so I'm sure there are plenty of random nobody folk out there today, January 1st, who decided this year they were going to start a blog. Out of those hundreds or thousands of random nobody folk I'm sure half will get past post two then half of them will get past the first week or so and then half of them make it to a month (that's my completely made up and mathematically incorrect statistic). I am most likely one of those hundreds. But maybe just maybe I can make it to the tiny handful that actually stick to it and have a "good" long running blog. It may not be popular, it may not teach anything or change anything, but it exists. Woo!

Now the big question. What to write about? Well, there are blogs that are centered on music, movies, TV, news, tweens, teens, colleges, nature, political, religious, etc. There are plenty to choose from, but what do I want to write about? What is interesting to me? It is my blog after all. And this is the time I would most like to pull a magic topic out of a hat and have you all awe over its ingenious,but I sadly have no such topic. So I'll write what I know best, my thoughts and point of view. And as original as THAT sounds, that's all I've got to offer. Lucky for you I can ramble, rant, question and confuse like no other self before me.

Where I can't promise this blog to be interesting, unique, or written to grammatical perfection. I can give my best shot at dumping my thoughts and opinions out, and maybe I'll learn and grow a little with any poor soul who found this wannabe blog.  

Without further ado, welcome to the beginnings of, 'Rambles of Another Day' and Happy New Year!