Sunday, January 1, 2012

And So It Begins

Alright, so I'm sure there are plenty of random nobody folk out there today, January 1st, who decided this year they were going to start a blog. Out of those hundreds or thousands of random nobody folk I'm sure half will get past post two then half of them will get past the first week or so and then half of them make it to a month (that's my completely made up and mathematically incorrect statistic). I am most likely one of those hundreds. But maybe just maybe I can make it to the tiny handful that actually stick to it and have a "good" long running blog. It may not be popular, it may not teach anything or change anything, but it exists. Woo!

Now the big question. What to write about? Well, there are blogs that are centered on music, movies, TV, news, tweens, teens, colleges, nature, political, religious, etc. There are plenty to choose from, but what do I want to write about? What is interesting to me? It is my blog after all. And this is the time I would most like to pull a magic topic out of a hat and have you all awe over its ingenious,but I sadly have no such topic. So I'll write what I know best, my thoughts and point of view. And as original as THAT sounds, that's all I've got to offer. Lucky for you I can ramble, rant, question and confuse like no other self before me.

Where I can't promise this blog to be interesting, unique, or written to grammatical perfection. I can give my best shot at dumping my thoughts and opinions out, and maybe I'll learn and grow a little with any poor soul who found this wannabe blog.  

Without further ado, welcome to the beginnings of, 'Rambles of Another Day' and Happy New Year!

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